How to Try Odoo


Getting an ERP system is a very big investment so you want to make sure that the system you are getting is suitable for your needs and one way to do that is to try it. In this blog we will show you different ways on how you can try Odoo.

Each method is characterized by the edition and how long your trial data is persisted. One shot means that your data is persisted only for that one session. This is ideal for checking a feature quickly. However, if you need to do some extensive testing then you should opt for those with long data persistence so you can really explore and figure out the right config to fit your process.

Enterprise: SaaS (One shot)

1. Go to

2. If prompted for an email and password, enter 'admin' for both email and password

Enterprise: SaaS (15-30 days)

Default validity is 15 days but can be extended to 30 days when working with a partner. This trial database can be continued indefinitely once paid.

1. Create an account on or login to

2. Go to

3. Click on the New Database button

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your database

Enterprise: (30 days)

Request an Odoo Partner (like Odevs) to start an free trial. This trial database can be continued indefinitely once paid.

Community / Enterprise: SaaS (One shot)

1. Go to

2. Click on any of the buttons. 'Odoo' is for testing community while 'Enterprise' is for testing enterprise

3. Select a database. 'All' means all apps are installed while 'Base' means there are no apps installed

Community: Self-install (Indefinite)

Install Community Edition on your PC by following the instructions at

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